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Let’s be honest: running upgrades to your discovery applications is not an easy nor exciting task, always lurking at the bottom of your “To-Do List”. However, if you’ve fallen behind on staying up-to-date, you’re missing out on key application features and diminishing your investment in this mission-critical platform, as new versions provide enhanced functionality and performance. George Jon is here to help you quickly and easily address this deficiency.
The discovery, investigation, and governance experts at GJ make the upgrade process a snap, providing turnkey services, peace of mind, and ample time for you to focus on your primary business. We plan, execute, and fine-tune upgrades for your environment, regardless of size. To maintain your competitive advantage in the fast-growing discovery market, you need to harness the full power of your application portfolio. In addition to upgrading your discovery, investigation and governance applications, George Jon also provides software versioning upgrades for your platform’s core systems including the operating system (OS), SQL, virtualization, and other third-party software. Avoid the hassle — engage George Jon to upgrade your game.
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  • We quickly and easily upgrade systems with limited downtime and extensive testing, ensuring that your users will not skip a beat post-upgrade
  • GJ’s Application SMEs test new versions in the GJ Lab before ever upgrading a client, ensuring a smooth process and communicating known issues and/or changes in new application versions
  • We deliver stress-free upgrades through a knowledge base and proven process that identifies and eliminates issues before they ever affect your systems
  • We work directly with the application developers to optimize and improve the upgrade process, based on our real-world experience

The Upgrade Process

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Experienced George Jon engineers will study your environment, ensuring that all elements necessary to facilitate and support upgrades are in place. GJ has worked with eDiscovery platforms for 15 years, developing and applying a database of known issues for every type of system.


We will conduct a technical review of your environment, determining scale, ensuring adherence to best practices, and identifying customer applications/workflows to anticipate any potential issues and deliver correlative resolutions.


A comprehensive playbook will outline needed/recommended system changes prior to conducting the upgrade, your environment’s current and future virtual architecture and configuration, and the detailed project plan for preparation, execution, testing, and hand-off.


A GJ Delivery Manager will coordinate with your business and technical teams, selecting dates/times for each phase of the upgrade project, including weekend downtime. We will prepare and stage your environment for the scheduled upgrade. Depending on scale and integration requirements of your platform, we may upgrade your application in a test environment for pre-upgrade functionality testing. We will also work with your team to resolve any issues/impediments post assessment and pre-upgrade.


During the upgrade, GJ engineers will provide progress reports every 2 hours. GJ will perform a full smoke test of the software, and once complete, we will provide a final hand-off to the client for UAT. Our GJ engineering team will be available 24/7 the entire week following your upgrade, with immediate escalation to the senior engineering team should any issues arise.
Upgrade your apps before they turn sour. Let’s talk.
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