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Data is the lifeblood of your business. Moving it between environments has traditionally been a stressful task, as there are multiple moving parts (servers, configurations, applications, etc.) that, when migrated, can cause downtime, unpredictability, and loss of income. Through fifteen years of R&D and real-world experience, George Jon has eliminated the hassle. Our tested and proven data migration process is a snap.

We facilitate quick and easy migrations of existing data/workspace/SQL instances (databases, native documents, images, and search indexes) into your chosen environment, whether on-prem, hybrid, or entirely in the cloud. What used to be a time-consuming process is expedited by the experts at George Jon – we’ll have your valuable data in place and functioning in the blink of an eye. Our proven processes allow us to move your data while still in production, keeping downtime to a minimum. We can accurately forecast downtime so you can plan accordingly. The entire process is quick, easy and accurate.

data migrations


  • Quick and easy migration of existing data/workspace/SQL instances into your chosen environment (on-prem, hybrid or cloud)
  • Data is imported and functioning in a short timeframe
  • We ensure consistent, uninterrupted search performance for live users
  • 15 years of real-world migrations has taught us how important variables, including anti-virus software, third party filter drivers, and backups, can affect data migration

Most Common Migration Use Cases:

End-to-End Data Migration Framework

George Jon’s data consultants have created a comprehensive solution framework for end-to-end data migrations when moving to a new environment which ensures that every consideration and variable is identified and reviewed throughout the process:
data migration phases
We’ll find a dream home for your data. Let’s talk.
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