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Law firms, service providers, and corporations all over the world are under assault by sophisticated hackers looking to leverage the wealth and visibility of the legal world’s data for illicit profit. They recognize that eDiscovery data is a valuable prize, as these mission-critical client data assets can be used to cripple reputations, profitable operations, and the ability to protect client information. The hackers demand significant ransom payments to prevent them from posting confidential client information online, which would destroy the reputation and financial stability of any law firm.

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In 2019, 80% of hacking-related breaches involved compromised or stolen credentials
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58% of companies are not able to fully recover their data from backups

In 2019, 80% of hacking-related breaches at law firms involved compromised or stolen credentials. As such, protecting access to your data systems is critical for revenue generation, daily billing operations, and the firm’s professional integrity. Think about what can happen when you lose control of your systems:

  • Your billing and timekeeping systems could be rendered inaccessible/inoperable, costing the firm millions in a single instance and permanently damaging your public reputation.
  • Your eDiscovery software could become useless mid-production, forcing you to miss client- and court-mandated deadlines, costing the firm millions.
  • You could be forced into the impossible situation of paying a ransom or suffering the release of client information and enduring permanent reputational harm.
  • Insurance costs could skyrocket, an expensive proposition at a time when firms are working to cut overhead.
  • You could permanently lose critical/confidential data — 58% of companies are not able to fully recover their data from backups.
Now is the time to reclaim control of your password-protected data assets and minimize the potential for employee/vendor malfeasance that can destroy credibility and profitability. George Jon offers law firms, service providers, and corporations a fresh start and peace of mind, employing 15 years of real-world experience to tactically address and remediate security risks. The service even provides you with a competitive advantage when pursuing new accounts, as you can tout the state-of-the-art data security systems you’ve implemented to prospects.

The GJ Password Reset and Vaulting service eliminates risk associated with providing user-level access to database and service accounts (eDiscovery software, financial/case/document management systems) to employees/vendors (a hush-hush, bad practice that is widespread and dangerous). We provide a one-time reset of all critical passwords, vault the newly created passwords using our Identity and Access Management (IAM) software, and implement a dynamic password management system that rotates privileges after each and every approved use. We log all password usage for auditing purposes, making them both internally trackable and impossible to compromise. 

Once in place, the service provides proactive, ongoing management of privileged accounts to ensure security, eliminate the need for future password resets, and provide planned systems auditing and reporting for peace of mind. An added bonus: the service can help REDUCE your cyber and liability insurance costs, as most insurers require security measures as a precondition of coverage, and firms with proven security practices receive lower insurance rates.

Hackers cannot achieve their goal without access to your network. Protect both your employees and the firm from the possibility of compromised data systems – call the experts at George Jon today for a proposal to protect your kingdom. We’ve successfully implemented this security protocol for many of our AmLaw 100 and Service Provider clients, and look forward to helping you secure your valuable data.

Resetting your passwords is as easy as 1-2-3-4. Let’s talk.
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