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Selecting, deploying, managing, scaling and securing discovery, investigation and governance platforms that adequately support your business operations — for today and tomorrow — is a complicated endeavor. To be successful, you need specific knowledge and proven processes to yield performant, productive, and reliable results. And make no mistake, it is vital that you lay the proper, scalable foundation at the outset, or your platform will endlessly consume financial resources for years to come.

Sound a little scary? Fear not! No matter where you are on your eDiscovery journey, George Jon is your trusted partner for driving performance and profits from your data systems. For the last 15 years, we’ve done only one thing: research, test, implement and perfect eDiscovery platforms. We’ve seen every issue, solved every problem, and delivered peace of mind to industry leaders around the world.

GJ Kits are designed to address industry-specific needs for a global client base, the ultimate collection of cost-effective, high performance, rapid implementation platforms that are configured and built for eDiscovery users of every shape and size.

The Amazing Benefits of GJ Kits

  • Kits are application-agnostic, ready and able to work with any eDiscovery, Investigation, or Governance solution
  • Data migration is a snap, transferred to your Kit and functioning in an accelerated timeframe
  • Flexible, scalable Kits allow you to start with a budget-appropriate system that can grow with your business as needs arise
  • 24/7/365 Core Managed Services provide proactive, perpetual oversight to eliminate issues before they ever affect your system
  • 15 years of Best Practices are applied to every Kit, ensuring optimized performance and productivity

George Jon On-Premises Kits

Enterprise Kit

The pinnacle of performance and flexibility, in demand by clients all over the world. Enterprise Kits are the global on-prem standard for any firm, agency, or long-term infrastructure investment. You will never outgrow the system or need to replace it, as you can start small and grow as needs and budgets dictate. Our workhorse for behind-the-firewall deployments, we can build Enterprise Kits to match any requirement, size, environment, or tier need.

Enterprise Kits can scale compute and storage, so there is never a limit on future expansion.

gj enterprise kit
gj mobile kit

Mobile Kit

Our most popular offering for project-based deployments requiring multiple applications. The powerful, industry-leading Mobile Kit conveniently fits under a desk in a review center, can be housed in a conference room, or can be racked in a datacenter (taking up only 5Us). Perfect for cross-border, short-term deployments. Not recommended for long-term deployments, as storage cannot scale.

The Mobile Kit is not recommended for long-term deployments, as storage cannot scale. It does offers expansion space to double your compute capacity, allowing users to scale app tiers or add additional apps as needed.

Single Server Kit

The Single Server Kit offers multiple storage choices and can accommodate any single application at its base scale. It is the obvious choice for clients/projects/deployments that require a larger amount of storage out of the gate and is the next tier above the Emerging Market Kit. Internal backup storage ensures that your data is safe and secure while providing ample retention time in the event of data loss or corruption. Spanning 2Us in your rack, the Single Server is the easiest way to get your applications up and running.

Single Server Kits cannot internally scale compute or storage; however, they are stackable, meaning an additional single server can be added to scale your footprint. They can also be used as a foundational building block to graduate to an Enterprise Kit.

gj single server kit
gj emerging market kit

Emerging Market Kit

Powerful, expandable and quiet, the Emerging Market Kit is our most economical option and services a wide variety of needs with flexible performance and capacity options. Whether you are looking for a minimally viable solution to support an emerging market or have a specific client/project that needs to be secluded from other operations, the EM Kit fits the bill.

Starting at 5 TBs, the Emerging Market Kit is scalable in 2 TB units up to 12 TBs, offering multiple storage and application options, and works racked or standalone. Emerging Market Kits cannot internally scale compute. However, they are also stackable, meaning an additional Emerging Market kit can be added to scale your application footprint.

Laptop Kit

Laptop Kits deliver flexible workflow options for users on the go. A collection of SSDs with 2TB of usable storage and 12 CPU cores ensures that all application threading needs are fulfilled. Comes with a traveling case and built-in backup drive to protect your mission-critical data. You also get access to GJ’s industry-leading best practice support and maintenance programs – help is always just a phone call away, 24/7/365. We suggest incorporating our Drive Recycler Kit which can quickly re-image the Laptop Kit, swiftly preparing it for the next engagement!

Laptop Kits cannot scale compute or storage. However, multiple laptops can be networked to provide modest concurrent user growth in the short term.

gj laptop kit
gj drive recycler

Kit Recycler

An add-on to the Laptop Kit, the Recycler supports high-churn clients who must continually wash, rinse and repeat laptop deployments. The Recycler securely deletes data from the laptop and deploys the latest, ever-changing GJ Best Practices and app, OS, and environmental image updates. You can maintain an inventory of spare production and backup drives in your office, waiting to be added to the Recycler Kit for fresh deployments. Our team of engineers will manage the entire process from data deletion to laptop re-imaging up to 3 times per month for a fixed fee with SLAs for a swift turnaround.

Need faster delivery for future orders?
Ask about our Partnership Stocking Program, wherein Kits are built, stocked and ready to be delivered as needed.

global deployments

Like to be pampered?
Use our White Glove services (included with Enterprise)! A GJ engineer will travel to your location (anywhere in the world), set up your Kit, and watch your productivity soar!

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