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Meet the Kit-as-a-Service .

Once upon a time, the dream scenario for eDiscovery, information governance, and compliance workers was to have a market-specific technology partner manage their environment. That dream has since evolved, in lockstep with cloud adoption, to include a hybrid ecosystem that leverages cloud capabilities for instant scaling and unlimited flexibility while maintaining on-premises performance, ultimately eliminating hardware and ownership expenses. Well, dreams do come true! George Jon, the only niche eDiscovery-managed services provider is proud to introduce our dynamic KaaS platform.

KaaS provides CapEx-free solutions for both existing and new eDiscovery matters. This subscription-based model can be delivered in both private/public clouds and includes our industry-leading Core Managed Services, with 15 years of proven best practices guaranteeing eDiscovery application performance in an endlessly flexible service model.

KaaS Benefits

  • Scale storage and compute up/down for production and disaster recovery
  • Deploy in both private/public cloud environments
  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and licensing process
  • Convenient platform subscription model eliminates capital expenditures
  • End-to-end expert platform management, monitoring, and support (including application upgrades)
  • Access to global pool of datacenters for high-speed, low-latency performance
  • Seamless transitions to and scaling of the new platform with no disruptions or downtime

KaaS Use Case Scenarios & Benefits

Flexibility and proven solutions for every stage of the eDiscovery lifecycle


Public or Private Cloud

GJ can deploy a new KaaS platform fully  customized to your business needs. We will migrate your existing data into the new KaaS environment or you can simply start fresh!

  • Eliminates hardware expenses
  • Seamlessly scales as needed without affecting performance
  • Provides volume pricing discounts as you scale up
  • Fast and secure datacenter processing with convenient public/private cloud virtualization


Public or Private Cloud

Want to scale without huge CapEx outlays? KaaS is the smart and affordable solution. Once your existing resources have reached a critical mass, the system will seamlessly transfer compute/storage processes to the KaaS with live users unaffected.

  • Same performance and scaling benefits as a new deployment
  • Extract full value from your existing infrastructure
  • New data/cases transfer to KaaS, existing data remains on your system


for Existing/Future Production

Similar to scaling, clients often have to invest in costly infrastructure to establish vital DR systems. We can provide a DR environment that allows you to phase out your existing DR or start fresh, avoiding/cutting CapEx while having full peace of mind and business continuity.

  • When used in conjunction with KaaS, your data is replicated to a second Dell EMC datacenter
  • DR storage repositories can be converted into production sites

The KaaS Workflow

KaaS Workflow

Seamless Workflow

End users can continue to work unaffected by the transition to a KaaS system.

Existing Infrastructure

You can continue to use any existing systems making the most of your investment. Once the resources are at capacity, processing and storage will switch over to the Dell EMC datacenter, with your old data being archived.

Public/Private Cloud

We set up your chosen eDiscovery application in your specified cloud location with virtualization and temp files residing here, pulling production content from the Dell EMC datacenter.

Dell EMC Datacenter

Storage (Unity) and Production (SQL) resources in the Dell EMC datacenter of your choice will provide fast, secure processing of data. Set up to GJ’s exacting standards, these resources are the backbone of your KaaS system.
Dell EMC is our industry-leading partner for performant, secure datacenters. Their four locations in the US and Europe employ George Jon standards and best practices to ensure perfect performance.

Disaster Recovery

Production and storage files can be replicated to a secondary Dell EMC datacenter, whether from your existing infrastructure or a KaaS Kit. When used as DR from existing infrastructure, the system can also transition to a production site upon request.

24/7/365 Core Managed Services

George Jon’s industry-leading Kits for eDiscovery require 24/7 oversight to ensure consistent performance and security. Working hand in hand with Dell EMC datacenters, our Core Management team proactively safeguards data infrastructure and optimizes your platform (hardware, software, backup, and storage), ensuring that your systems are always performing at peak efficiency. And most importantly, it’s transparent, all done with minimal needs placed on your valuable time. Our dedicated team of professional engineers are proactively monitoring and fine-tuning your system around the clock.
360 management

Platform Management

Security Management

SQL Database Administrators

KaaS Strategic Datacenter Locations

George Jon has standardized two North American and two European Dell EMC datacenters, with expansion locations in the APAC region currently under consideration. These state-of-the-art facilities deliver high-speed, low-latency connections to every public/private cloud provider and employ GJ’s proven architecture, standards, and best practices with 24/7 professional oversight. Ditch your expensive hardware and scale storage and compute only when needed!

All international locations provide in-country replication between primary and secondary datacenters

Dell EMC Datacenters

KaaS Stack Components

Your eDiscovery application(s) of choice will function in either the public or private cloud, virtualized to accommodate any number of active users with near real-time scaling.

Customers are required to provide their own eDiscovery application licenses. GJ will provide all KaaS-specific licensing, including Microsoft, Quest, and TrendMicro.

To maintain GJ best practices and optimize platform performance, SQL operations occur in the Dell EMC datacenter, which offers a proprietary, low-latency link to the client’s cloud environment.

Data resides on Dell EMC OEM storage in the chosen datacenter. This provides a physical, high-performance, low-cost solution and allows you to know where your data resides at all times.

The entire stack is built to the exacting standards and best practices developed by GJ over the last 15 years, all managed by our expert eDiscovery application and infrastructure engineers. George Jon offers comprehensive oversight for Platform, Information Security, and SQL Database Administration to ensure that your mission-critical data is always protected.

kaas stack

Key Considerations for Using KaaS

save money

Data Footprint

What is the initial and perceived data growth to be put into the KaaS model?

save money

Application Portfolio

What applications will be spun up in the KaaS platform out of the gate?

save money

InfoSec & Compliance

What additional security requirements will be mandated by the client?

save money

Networking / Connectivity

What are the client’s requirements regarding network throughput?

save money

Cloud Provider Selection

Which public/private cloud provider does the client want to leverage for their application virtualization?

save money

Datacenter Selection

Which KaaS datacenter will be leveraged by the client for production versus disaster recovery?

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground! Let’s talk.
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