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Moving mission-critical data systems to cloud-based environments can be a perilous transition for those who do not understand how to properly manage the implementation while ensuing uninterrupted performance and world-class security. Furthermore, most discovery, investigation and governance applications are not cloud-native, and as such do not naturally scale effectively in a hosted environment. The experts at George Jon have extensively researched, tested, and successfully launched real-world cloud platforms for users around the world, developing both hybrid (cloud for instant scaling and unlimited flexibility with on-prem storage for performance) and pure cloud-based ecosystems.

GJ hosted platforms can be deployed in both private/public cloud environments with any discovery, investigation, and governance application(s), and as with on On-Premises Platforms, always include our industry-leading Core Managed Services, with 15 years of proven best practices ensuring platform performance and reliability.

So whether you are contemplating a new platform deployment, looking to scale an existing system without taking on major capital expenses, or want to establish a disaster recovery environment without additional infrastructure, George Jon has an established and proven path ready to evolve with your business.

Benefits of GJ Hosted Platforms

  • On-demand scaling for compute is made possible by GJ’s proprietary automation framework and machine learning models, optimizing platform performance while reducing costs
  • Near real-time storage scaling — never run out of storage space and only purchase what is needed
  • Deploy in either or both private/public cloud environments
  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and application licensing
  • Convenient platform subscription model eliminates capital expenditures
  • End-to-end expert platform management, monitoring, and support (including app upgrades)
  • KaaS model includes Core, Database and Security Management, all bundled together
  • Access to global pool of datacenters for high-speed, low-latency performance

GJ Hosted Kits for eDiscovery

gj kit as a service

Kit as a Service (KaaS)

This hybrid platform leverages public cloud capabilities for instant scaling and unlimited flexibility while maintaining on-premises DB and Storage for performance, ultimately eliminating hardware and ownership expenses. KaaS provides CapEx-free solutions for both existing and new deployments. This subscription-based model can be delivered in both private/public clouds and includes our industry-leading Core Managed Services, with 15 years of proven best practices guaranteeing application performance in an endlessly flexible service model.

The KaaS scales database and storage on-premises and compute in the public cloud, mitigating unnecessary and untimely CapEx while guaranteeing performance.

Strategic Datacenter Locations (KaaS-specific)

Dell EMC is our industry-leading partner for performant, secure datacenters. The four selected locations in the US and Europe employ GJ’s OEM Kit solutions to ensure perfect performance.

Dell EMC Datacenters
Dell EMC

Dell EMC is our industry-leading partner for performant, secure datacenters. Their four locations in the US and Europe employ George Jon standards and best practices to ensure perfect performance.

Agnostic Cloud Kit

GJ can deploy blocks for every application solution in a cloud-based environment, regardless of the preferred hosting provider (AWS, GCP, Azure). Every layer of the deployment, from Storage to SQL to applications, is virtualized in the public cloud.

You can always scale compute and storage on-demand in our cloud environments, so nothing is holding back quick and easy platform expansion

gj agnostic cloud kit
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