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George Jon “Kits” are synchronized platforms of hardware, software, and managed services, available in both on-premises and hosted environments, that have been specifically designed to provide optimized discovery, investigation and governance functionality with proven performance. Every Kit component has been rigorously tested over a decade of R&D to guarantee an amazing end user experience. Kits are built using Dell OEM blocks, incorporate our proven best practice methodologies, and are customizable to work with every leading discovery, investigation and governance application.
george jon kits
Our proprietary collection of components and services allows us to build, implement and maintain systems for clients of every shape and size, from single users to multinational corporations. Clients can start at any scale, migrate data, and hit the ground running with the ability to scale as needed with predictable performance and pricing. No hassle, no troubleshooting. Just results.

Proven Best Practices

GJ’s proven Best Practices, developed over 15 years of testing and working with the best and brightest minds in the industry, act as a bonding agent across all platform variables to ensure consistent performance while eliminating costly downtime.

Dell OEM Perfection

George Jon and Dell boast a 20+ year collaborative partnership built upon teamwork, innovation and creative problem solving. Dell produces OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) equipment for George Jon, custom-architected and built using our specifications and best practices, enabling Kits that perform from the moment of implementation.

24/7 Proactive Oversight

Every GJ Kit comes with our legendary Core Management service, delivering 24/7 oversight to monitor, maintain and protect every element of your platform. Our proprietary monitoring solution delivers proactive environment alerting and automated self-healing, solving problems, safeguarding production environments, and eliminating costly outages before issues ever arise. The service also provides access to our team of globally-dispersed, industry-expert engineers 24/7, with a guaranteed 15-minute response time.
kit components

Scalable Components

Every physical and virtual component in a George Jon Kit exists as a standalone block. Each block has been designed with scalable components, making it quick and painless to grow your platform as needed.

Consistent Design

We deploy an identical baseline architecture and configuration for users around the globe, regardless of platform or client size, which allows us to meticulously control every variable and universally resolve issues across all our managed platforms. This commitment to standardization is what leads to the guaranteed levels of uptime, performance, and service we promise our customers.

Application-Agnostic Performance

George Jon Kits, thanks to their proven architecture and time-tested engineering support, will work with any discovery, investigation, or governance application. For newer applications, our R&D team will deploy the app in the GJ Lab and work with the application development team to establish best practices for data architecture and application configuration, optimizing performance.

The George Jon Kit Collection


Cloud Kit

cloud kit


kit as a service



enterprise kit


moble kit

Single Server Kit

single server kit

Emerging Market Kit

emerging markets kit


laptop kit

Laptop Drive Recycler

drive recycler

Kit Comparison Chart

KIT Core Management? Scale Compute? Scale Storage? Starting Storage 3-Year Cost/GB Learn More
Laptop Kit 2TB $.42 On-Prem
Drive Recycler - - - - - - On-Prem
Emerging Market Kit 5TB $1.07 On-Prem
Single Server Kit 15TB $.48 On-Prem
Mobile Kit 15TB $.51 On-Prem
Enterprise Kit 28TB $.46 On-Prem
Kit as a Service 10TB $1.60 Hosted
Agnostic Cloud Kit 15TB $1.01 Hosted

*Discovery, Investigations and Governance Application Pricing is not included as GJ does not resell industry-specific application licensing

Need rapid delivery for new Kits?
Ask about our Partnership Stocking Program, wherein Kits are built, stocked and ready to be delivered as needed.

global deployments

Like to be pampered?
Request our White Glove services (included with Enterprise)! A George Jon engineer will travel to your location (anywhere in the world), set up your Kit, and watch your productivity soar!

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