eDiscovery partners participate in joint tech summit to optimize eDiscovery end-user experience

Industry partners, George Jon and Relativity unite their engineering teams to solve complex problems with an eye on driving end-user satisfaction.

CHICAGO – September 21, 2020 – George Jon and Relativity, pioneers in Chicago’s burgeoning technology sector, recently participated in a joint tech summit specifically designed to tackle technical challenges and forge new best practices.

Over the course of three months and four virtual exercises, engineers paired into teams to address known issues, shared and debated their findings in a group forum, and ultimately constructed and documented new standards to ensure optimal performance, functionality and utility for Relativity deployments worldwide.

The two companies boast an enduring partnership that has redefined the eDiscovery industry over the last decade. Relativity’s software developers and George Jon’s engineers have continuously collaborated to drive innovation and deliver an unparalleled end user experience. After hundreds of deployments and fifteen years of real-world experience, the symbiotic partnership is stronger than ever.

“I am extremely proud of the effort, professionalism, and thought leadership exhibited by all the George Jon and Relativity engineers who participated in the Tech Summit. I have no doubt that their collective contributions will serve as the cornerstone for continuous improvement to the benefit of our shared client base,” said Adam Chardukian, Chief Operating Officer at George Jon. “I speak for the entire George Jon team when I say that collaboration between our organizations is not only truly unique, but more importantly assures end-user satisfaction across the globe.”

As a Gold Level Sponsor at this year’s 11th annual Relativity Fest, George Jon’s continued support for the partnership will be on full display from September 21-23.

About George Jon, Inc.

George Jon is an eDiscovery platform, product and process specialist, delivering performant, scalable, fault tolerant environments to global corporations, leading law firms, government agencies, and independent resellers/hosting companies. We quickly and strategically implement large-scale eDiscovery platforms, troubleshoot and perfect existing systems, and provide unprecedented 24/7 core services to ensure maximum performance and uptime. Employing a modular framework that has been tested and perfected over fifteen years of R&D, environments can be customized (e.g. scaled) to individual client needs, budgets and requirements (storage, compute, application availability, tiering). The best practices developed by George Jon have become the standard for global eDiscovery systems, driving productivity, profits and peace of mind throughout the industry.

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