Are You Ready For Relativity Server 2022?

By now you’ve likely heard that Relativity Server 2022 is due to release very soon. But do you understand just how significant an upgrade this could be for your organization? We’ve been discussing this as a team at George Jon and we believe this is far more than just another rev of the software. This release could be game-changing, which is why we are offering no-obligation consultations.

Any significant upgrade can potentially set off a domino-effect of changes that might not be obvious. We want to help you avoid that outcome while also helping you build a plan to get the greatest impact possible from this upgrade.

The primary reason to adopt this upgrade is because of the Aero User Interface. This has the potential to substantially improve Reviewer productivity, which could really improve your bottom-line. According to published statements from Relativity, the Aero UI offers:

  • Modern Look & Feel: You’ll notice changes to colors, iconography, page components, and more; but this is more than just a coat of paint. Relativity completely rethought how users experience their product to make it intuitive, clean and easy on the eyes.
  • Lightning-Fast Performance: Relativity made several performance improvements in their architecture which will greatly decrease doc-to-doc and jump-in speeds.
  • New Viewer: The new document viewer is fast, easy-to-use, and has exhaustive front-end API coverage to offer you and your users a simple, yet powerful, document review experience.
  • Workflow-based Navigation: Designed to get you to what you need faster, Relativity has delivered an improved tab navigation experience, reducing unnecessary clicks and decisions, so you have exactly what you need to accomplish your work.

Please do not wait until the release to build your plan. With this many changes, there are bound to be a lot of questions and uncertainty. Let us help you make a plan you can be confident in.


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