nuix quick start

An Introduction to the Nuix Quick Start Program

Rampiva Vice President of Sales & Marketing Bill Potter and George Jon Chief Operating Officer Adam Chardukian join Chris Pogue from Nuix to discuss Nuix Quick Start, a joint partner ecosystem solution designed to help customers realize an efficient eDiscovery operating model in the cloud.

The Nuix Quick Start Program provides CapEx-free solutions for hosting, processing and review in a hybrid cloud model. This subscription-based model leverages on-prem storage / metadata and a proprietary, low-latency link to the public cloud (with private cloud as an option) and includes George Jon’s industry-leading platform management services, with over 15 years of proven best practices guaranteeing eDiscovery application performance in an endlessly flexible service model.

  • Best-in-class processing powered by Nuix Workstation
  • Industry-leading review platforms available upon client preference (Relativity, Nuix Discover)
  • Bring Your Own Model – flexible licensing, encryption key, and Service Provider options
  • Deployable in both private/public cloud environments
  • Automated workflow & licensing management through Rampiva
  • Real-time, cross-case reporting and dashboards enabled by GJ monitoring and platform management
  • Scale storage and compute up/down for production and disaster recovery
  • Seamless transitions to and scaling of the new platform with no disruptions or downtime
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