Virtually perfect: flexible, scalable, affordable hybrid enterprise platforms.

The dream scenario for many eDiscovery users has long been a hybrid ecosystem that enables instant scaling, unlimited flexibility and replication/DR, thus enabling the elimination of costly hardware and ownership expenses. Well dream no more! George Jon is proud to introduce “KaaS” and “cKaaS” platform offerings.

Developed in partnership with Dell Faction, GJ’s hybrid “Kits as a Service” provide CapEx-free solutions for both existing and new eDiscovery matters. These subscription-based models can be delivered in both private/public clouds and include our industry leading Core Managed Services, with 15 years of proven best practices guaranteeing eDiscovery application performance in this endlessly flexible service model.

For more information on how you can employ quick-scaling hybrid eDiscovery platforms without capital expenditures, contact us: sales@georgejon.com

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