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George Jon Featured in Forbes & Entrepreneur

George Jon’s unique business case study was recently featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines. Below is a full except of the article, or you can CLICK HERE TO VIEW A PDF VERSION of the article.

The story of George Jon is one of an aspirational IT company that became the global leader for design, deployment, and ongoing management of eDiscovery technology platforms around the world. GJ’s industry experts work behind the scenes to ensure that customer systems are always running at peak efficiency. This allows users to confidently focus on their core business, knowing that their data systems are meeting deadlines, secure from intrusions, and matching budgetary and growth needs.

“Early on, we focused on providing exceptional customer service. As a testament to our approach, one of our main clients asked us to service their customer base,” says CEO and founder George Nedwick. “We realized that we had an amazing opportunity in a high-growth industry. And we jumped in headfirst.”

Going Niche

eDiscovery is a $12.6 billion industry that most people have never heard of. It is essential to litigation in the digital age, as investigations require petabytes of data to be collected, processed, reviewed, and produced from disparate sources so that legal teams can conduct diligent adjudication.

About a dozen companies design software to facilitate eDiscovery, including Relativity. Now a multibillion-dollar corporation, Relativity was once a small software company (kCura) and George Jon’s main client. When kCura began making eDiscovery software, it asked GJ to provide infrastructure design services and IT support to its clients.

As George Jon began to work with kCura’s client base, they noticed a pervasive problem. The software worked beautifully, but the massive data sets made the platforms slow and unpredictable, driving up costs. Users struggled to manage and scale their technology, and for investigations where expensive lawyers were charging hourly rates, it was a bad situation. Fortunately, GJ knew the software inside out and pioneered optimized platforms to yield better outcomes. “Through repetition, we became experts in mapping the legal/business workflow requirements to the infrastructure engine, allowing platforms to support massive amounts of data across the investigation lifecycle,” Nedwick says.

This pivot established George Jon as the eDiscovery technology experts, eventually deploying multimillion-dollar platforms with round-the-clock support for clients on six continents. Even companies with massive IT teams were quick to see its value.

“We’ve architected platforms and executed these critical processes countless times over 15 years,” Nedwick says. “Companies quickly realize that if they hire us, we can manage every aspect of their system, typically for less money than a full-time IT person.”

George Jon strategically employs an application-agnostic methodology and leverages partnerships as a go-to-market vehicle. This has enabled them to work with and across the cadre of highly competitive application developers, increasing market reach while developing expertise that entices end users. GJ excels at cross-application processes such as workflow planning/design, data migrations, and comprehensive platform audits.

Acting as a sales enabler through their cost-effective services and platform performance expertise, eDiscovery software companies love George Jon. While GJ supports a wide variety of infrastructure systems, its 20-year OEM relationship with Dell allows it to sell customized solutions for predictable, profitable, hassle-free outcomes.

“We are the glue that holds all the pieces together,” says Nedwick. “We help everyone involved do their jobs, and then go home and sleep well at night.”

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