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16 Ways to Keep Remote Team Members Aligned

Jordan McQuown, CTO of George Jon, recently contributed to a thought leadership article with fellow members of the Forbes Technology Council. The group brainstormed on how to keep remote-working team members informed about company news and updates while ensuring that teams stay in constant communication to uniformly work toward organizational goals.

According to Jordan, companies need to make sure that business missions are top-of-mind:

“It really isn’t about technology. It’s about alignment, and that is 100% a function of leadership. No matter how you choose to communicate, team members need to focus on three missions: the organization’s, the team’s and their own. Without this, they cannot take autonomous action in line with your goals. Consistently remind people of these missions, and then give them room to act.”

To read the full article: 16 Ways Tech Leaders Can Keep Remote Team Members On The Same Page

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