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16 Potential Cybersecurity Solutions for The Cloud

Jordan McQuown, CTO of George Jon, recently contributed to a thought leadership article with fellow members of the Forbes Technology Council. The group discussed potential cybersecurity solutions for protecting sensitive data in the cloud. A move to the cloud can come with multiple cost and productivity benefits, but it can also heighten cybersecurity risks. A significant cyberattack on a cloud provider can trickle down and affect all of that provider’s clients.

According to Jordan, companies need to enhance identity access management:

“In eDiscovery, there is no new security paradigm; there are only best practices and proven tools. The approach to risk management changes in the cloud. The single-sign-on portal is the gateway to the data and resources bad actors want. This makes identity access management a top priority. Control your identities, and you can reduce your cybersecurity risks.”

To read the full article: 16 Potential Cybersecurity Solutions For Protecting Sensitive Data In The Cloud

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