vacation disruption

15 Strategies for Avoiding Vacation Disruptions

Jordan McQuown, CTO of George Jon, recently participated in a brainstorming session with fellow members of the Forbes Technology Council to discuss best practices for maintaining operations while employees are on vacation. Business leaders must develop practical and productive ways to ensure work is covered when team members are out of the office. This is especially challenging for tech leaders, who are usually juggling multiple projects that are led by different team members and feature a broad range of deadlines. 

According to Jordan, companies should make sure to triage talent to ensure continuity:

“Our business requires different skill sets and specialties based on both our clients’ needs and our own needs. I have to make sure we’ve prioritized the most in-demand and irreplaceable talent for the jobs that only those with certain skills can do. Other tasks can be fulfilled by emerging talent. My job is to make sure we have the right talent for the right projects while ensuring everyone gets a break.”

To read the full article: 15 Strategies For Avoiding Disruption While Tech Team Members Are On Vacation

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