Core Management for eDiscovery

24/7 proactive platform .

eDiscovery users require instant access to millions of files 24/7/365. To ensure consistent performance with little to no downtime, George Jon offers our core management services to proactively safeguard data infrastructure and optimize your eDiscovery Platform (hardware, software, backup, storage), ensuring that your systems are always performing at peak efficiency. And most importantly, it’s transparent, all done with minimal needs placed on your valuable time. We have a dedicated team of professional engineers who are proactively monitoring and fine-tuning your system around the clock.

George Jon Core Management services provide comprehensive problem solving and protective oversight for live Discovery, Investigation and Governance environments, every hour of every day. Employing powerful, automated tools, a vast database of known issues, historical knowledge of best practices, and industry leading engineers, George Jon eliminates costly errors and potential threats before they ever affect system performance. We perpetually query a wide range of client platforms, identifying and fixing issues behind the scenes while ensuring a seamless user experience.

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The GJ Guarantee

Core Management users are guaranteed a 15-minute or less response time from a professional technician for all Emergency Requests. This includes “true resolution” and RCA for all Priority 1 outages.
15 minute guarantee

The key is a consistent, replicable baseline configuration we deploy for all eDiscovery clients around the globe, ensuring that hardware, software, backup and storage systems are running at peak efficiency. This symbiotic ecosystem of exactly configured platforms allows for system-wide quality assurance testing, enabling us to use the knowledge gained from one client to instantly benefit our entire managed client base.

The George Jon eDSM (eDiscovery Service Management) team maintains an internal database of known issues related to scaling, utilization, security, and other relevant data challenges discovered over 15 years of building and supporting complex systems. This knowledge base is applied to every client Kit: when we discover an issue with one system, we fix it, log it into our system-wide database, and thus proactively safeguard every client from the issue. This “spider web” of oversight represents enormous savings for clients, as the price for equivalent manpower, research, and internal monitoring is cost-prohibitive for most users.

Exceptional service and customized, cost-effective solutions are what set us apart from the competition. We’re more than a managed services provider – we’re an extension of your team, a trusted partner in solving problems and planning for long-term success in the eDiscovery world.

Dedicated, In-House Team

Every George Jon client has a dedicated Delivery Manager and Primary Engineer who work in unison to communicate with the client team, from decision-makers to technical contacts to end users. No two clients are the same, so we adapt our services accordingly to address your individual needs, systems and goals. Our team is part of your team, so please feel free to reach out as needs arise.

Your dedicated George Jon team is available to discuss topics on a scheduled basis to review your needs, including but not limited to:

  • Data management and workflow
  • eDiscovery growth requirements
  • eDiscovery best practices and processes for archiving, deletion, retention, and governance
  • Ad-hoc reporting and management documentation
  • Backups and disaster recovery configuration and planning
  • Environment health
  • Industry trends and advisory on new and improved software/technologies
  • Network performance
  • Security controls
  • Power management
  • Additional professional services for migrations, expansions, and tool implementations

Core Management Components

  • Fixed monthly costs with UNLIMITED support
  • 24/7 access to GJ’s certified eDiscovery application and infrastructure technicians
  • 24/7 oversight of your eDiscovery environment, including design, configuration, best practices, quality assurance, and testing
  • Installation/use of GJ360 proactive health monitoring tools for all Kit components (logical, virtual, physical) including servers, applications, application roles and requirements, networking components, 3rd party software, backups, and DR
  • Management of physical systems, logical software environments (SQL), backups, hosted applications, and much more
  • Infrastructure planning and design consulting services for infrastructure growth or addition of software applications
  • eDiscovery application upgrades
  • SecureLink secure remote access
  • Monthly maintenance window
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Security monitoring and management
  • Database integrity checks
  • Full documentation
  • Troubleshooting and problem resolution (reactive)
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