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News flash: staffing in-house, in-demand database administrators is a costly endeavor for businesses, law firms and service providers. These expensive resources are not billable, forcing you to pump big money into a loss category (just to keep the wheels turning) at a time when most companies are working to preserve precious capital. And worst of all, firms can usually only afford a small number of DBAs who offer limited availability and are unable to support business growth, international locations, or after-hours needs. George Jon, the leader in managed services for the legal world, offers a solution to this expensive, mission-critical dilemma.

Database Administrators

Our Database Management service offering allows firms to significantly reduce operational expenses while gaining better, deeper, and more affordable coverage for vital document management and legal practice systems (accounting, time entry, contracts, analytics, production, eDiscovery, etc.).

George Jon’s Database Management service entails proactive systems monitoring and maintenance, detailed reporting and collaboration with stakeholders, optimized performance, 24×7 support, development of standards and procedures for in-house staff / project managers, and peace of mind in knowing that you are getting best-in-class, cost-effective database oversight. Best of all, this lasting solution is eminently elastic, able to expand and contract as your needs evolve, delivering a solution both for today and whatever comes next. Drive your business, enhance your capabilities, and rely on a team of experts to help you be more productive and profitable with data-driven insights and operations.

Database Management Scope of Services

George Jon will provide consulting services for the development and/or maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all client database systems, based upon our best practice recommendations and client requirements. The records will include, but are not limited to: 

  • Startup and shutdown procedures
  • Account creation and deletion procedures
  • Permission procedures
  • Service startup and shutdown procedures
  • Report generation (scheduled and ad-hoc) procedures
  • Performance monitoring procedures
  • Backup and recovery procedures

Monthly patch management

Proactive DBA reporting

Database migrations, as required for performance optimization

24/7 proactive database monitoring and maintenance, plus end-to-end lifecycle management

24/7 reactive support for SQL/database performance issues and resolution

Affordable SQL DBA. Let’s talk.
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