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George Jon enables scalable, performant and cost-effective discovery, governance and investigation platforms for users worldwide. Whether your data resides on one of our GJ Kits or your existing hardware, we have a solution for every need. Imagine your data, safely stored where you want it, performing 24/7/365 in a fully managed platform. We take your highly complicated, mission-critical data discovery, investigation, and governance programs and make them easier, less expensive, faster, and better. This drives bottom-line value and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business and make informed decisions while GJ’s team of expert application engineers and database administrators run the platform.

platform management


  • Affordable, “around the clock” staff of experienced engineers understand your industry-specific pain points and work behind the scenes to alleviate issues before you ever notice them
  • 24/7 professional oversight ensures predictable costs, performance and security
  • Comprehensive database of known issues protects clients and proactively eliminates issues
  • Guaranteed end user satisfaction and platform performance levels drive profitability
  • 24/7 emergency support for system failures, security issues and updates
  • Proprietary monitoring, alerting and self-healing software yields real-time, automated platform issue resolution
  • Dedicated Delivery Managers facilitate quick and easy client communications and effort coordination

George Jon Managed Platforms for eDiscovery are:


Easy to integrate with industry-leading technology tools and utilities 


Universal and agnostic across eDiscovery applications and industries


An ecosystem of strategic, symbiotic partners who deliver collective value when deployed and managed by GJ staff


Predictable, performant environments that have been rigorously tested and fine-tuned over 15+ years


Infinitely scalable to intelligently grow in lockstep with your business and data

Helping Clients Worldwide Enhance Profits


GJ 360 Managed Service Offerings

Our Perspective & Experience

After nearly twenty years of work in the eDiscovery realm, we’ve developed solutions that are very different from traditional IT methodologies. Even though discovery, forensic and investigation systems are essential for law firms and large corporations in the modern workplace, there is a persistent knowledge gap that drives leading organizations to platform mismanagement and unnecessary expenses.

HOW forensic and ediscovery environments are misunderstood and mismanaged:

Traditional enterprise solution architecture and service models do not translate well to eDiscovery systems due to the unique application requirements and significant data dependency. 

The need for perpetual environment support typically overwhelms standard IT teams who lack the required application knowledge, degrading end-user productivity and system stability.

Continuously expanding database sizes, when meshed with changing review and workflow strategies, can result in system latency and extended performance degradation without proactive oversight.

Adherence to environmental procedures and processes is critical. When violated, users can experience disruptions, prolonged downtime, and poor performance.

“Text-heavy” extractions significantly grow document table sizes, driving exceptionally high IO requirements for system performance. Traditional IT models are not built to handle the rigors of eDiscovery.

Patching and upgrade paths for eDiscovery are non-traditional, requiring extensive research and technical knowledge in collaboration with software development teams.

The George Jon Value Proposition

George Jon’s industry-leading team of infrastructure and application engineers concentrate on only one thing: designing, building, managing, and evergreening eDiscovery ecosystems. We’ve seen and corrected every mistake, and know how to help clients avoid common pitfalls, poor performance, and unnecessary expenses.

Bottom-Line Benefits

Platform stability, reliability and optimized performance, bolstered by 15 years of proven Best Practices

The GJ Guarantee: 15-minute response time and true root cause resolution for all outages

End-to-end oversight of the eDiscovery lifecycle, workflow and platform for user satisfaction

Your data never sleeps. You should. Let’s talk.
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