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As the primary driver of standardization, client value-addition, and ultimately, deadline adherence, the architecture of your eDiscovery workflow represents a “make or break” resource for your project teams. In supporting hundreds of eDiscovery environments over the past decade, George Jon has seen every variation and observed the detrimental impact poor workflow can have on critical system components. To remedy these failures, GJ has compiled a correlative library of best practices that drive cost reductions and ongoing margin improvement once implemented.

Effective workflow must be inherently elastic and fully balanced across every critical lever of an operating model. People, organization, processes, and technology must be considered when building and optimizing a winning workflow plan. 

workflow levers

Key levers exert a major impact across the entire workflow when changes are introduced. For this reason, it is imperative to design an agile and elastic workflow base. GJ consultants will consider client requirements, technologies supporting the workflow, and the individuals responsible for administering and driving work across every major workflow bucket, from project initiation to migrations and productions, to maximize automation, improve throughput, and ensure your business is not constrained by eDiscovery workflow that was designed in a vacuum.

In our experience, workflow levers are perpetually changing; as such, workflow must be able to quickly adapt and transform in response to the below real-world scenarios:

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