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Map your route and mind .

Many of our clients have a vision of where their business will be in 2-3 years based on their value proposition and enterprise objectives. Very few, however, have conducted a comprehensive analysis to ensure that their chosen destination is appropriate. Nor have they constructed a detailed capabilities map considering people, processes, and technology to guarantee they reach their destination. This is a critical oversight.

George Jon’s team of industry experts can work with your executive team to build a strategically sound Target Vision for your organization, considering industry trends/changes, and ultimately developing an actionable roadmap to identify the critical initiatives and workstreams necessary for successful outcomes. 

We start by reviewing your existing Target Vision and Enterprise Value Proposition against valid industry alternatives. This is followed by a Cost-Benefit Analysis and/or ROI to validate that the Target Vision is indeed the desired destination. Once complete, George Jon will construct a high-level roadmap with strategic initiatives, to be reviewed and accepted by the executive team. Finally, we will develop and deliver a detailed implementation plan for each strategic initiative workstream, outlining timelines, costs, and resource requirements. 

Have a specific strategic or operational initiative that may not be enterprise-wide? We can help with that too.

The Assessment Remediation Roadmap provides client leadership teams with a clear picture of the organization’s options specific to strategic business/technology planning across key levers, including finances, performance, support, scaling, and other mission-critical tasks. This chart is an example of a client-specific solution, and is always customized to individual client needs.
roadmap scenarios
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