eDiscovery Environment Assessments

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A George Jon eDiscovery environment assessment is a comprehensive study of all the critical levers represented in your current operating model. Our team will analyze the following elements:

  • Technology: Infrastructure, application, network and data architecture.
  • Organization & Process: eDiscovery workflows, data lifecycle management, information security, human resources, and IT support.
  • Financials: Capital and operating expenses across the entire operating model (infrastructure, licensing, hosting, resource costs, and more).

To begin the assessment, we gather relevant quantitative and qualitative data to construct a current state baseline, to be validated by your executive team. That is followed by a gap analysis, comparing the current state baseline to management expectations, George Jon best practices, and industry benchmarks to identify areas for remediation and improvement. 

The outcome is a strategic roadmap for optimizing your eDiscovery operations, prioritizing remediation recommendations and providing a detailed implementation plan for short- and long-term initiatives. Short-term recommendations (“quick wins”) are items that can be implemented immediately (and at low cost) with a high return to the business, such as environment configuration changes and workflow optimization. Long-term recommendations are strategic in nature, requiring 3+ months to implement and a meaningful budget commitment. Sample initiatives could be migrating environments to new hosting platforms or replacing critical technologies to enable enhanced automation and reporting.



  • Identifies, documents and provides remediation steps to address issues affecting the eDiscovery platform
  • Determines hardware/software compatibility issues
  • Sets goals and a roadmap for future improvements, growth and management
  • Recommends disaster recovery and backup procedures to ensure data security and integrity
  • Provides cost and effort estimates for implementing recommendations
  • Weighs cost benefits across strategic initiatives including outsourcing of hosting, cloud migrations, and on-premises deployments
  • Outlines immediate cost savings that will boost your bottom line
  • Identifies areas of weakness/strength in workflow and supporting resources 
  • Allows you to leverage GJ professional services for ad-hoc projects (application upgrades/installs, SQL migrations/deployments, etc.)

Environment Assessment Framework

Gather environment documentation, data and insights to determine current baseline state, plus hold GJ + client workshop sessions.

assessment phase 1

Develop a prioritized list of directives, broken down by category, for enhancing the platform’s current state and ensuring ROI.

assessment phase 2

Deliver Assessment Report & Executive Summary detailing areas needing remediation and future-state roadmap options

assessment phase 3

Scope of Services

George Jon will perform a comprehensive audit of the technology used in your eDiscovery environment, including (but not limited to) application and OS best practices (per George Jon and trusted vendors). We then perform a secondary best practice assessment on component harmony, applying our 15 years of real-world experience to see how the elements in your environment function as a cohesive system. The resultant data allows us to design a perfect end user experience, making recommendations on components including:

  • Physical server hardware
  • SQL architecture
  • Virtualization / compute
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Security
  • Load balancing

To optimize the technologies employed in your eDiscovery system, our consultants will assess the efficiency and effectiveness of surrounding processes, including core elements surrounding:

  • Data governance and management
  • Environment support (IT)
  • Application-specific workflows
  • Information security process and protocols
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Disaster recovery testing and simulation

The financial health of your eDiscovery environment and operations can be assessed and benchmarked against historic metrics  gathered from previous/existing clients, according to your specific environment size:

  • Total cost of platform ownership
  • Average annual capital expense
  • Average annual operating expenses
  • Hosting and processing costs (per GB)
  • IT support costs (per GB)
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