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The above quote, by renowned architect Louis Sullivan, perfectly explains how functionality should be the starting point for good design, regardless of industry. The eDiscovery realm is no different. At George Jon, we have seen countless examples of how poor platform architecture can lead to miserable, costly outcomes for eDiscovery users, usually due to the ever-present knowledge void among general IT professionals relating to complex data systems. As eDiscovery is essential for modern organizations, it is critical to establish a foundation that is based upon proven best practices and market-specific knowledge.

George Jon’s solution architects follow strict guidelines, governed by an internal Architecture Review Board, to identify, benchmark, and validate every component of the technology stack before recommendations or implementation every occurs. When we consult on environment design, we apply the client’s unique application portfolio needs, throughput, integration, and initial scale, and marry these deliverables with our uncompromising, proprietary architectural standards to ensure a performant, secure, stable, scalable, supportable, and cost-effective solution. From formulating architectural blueprints for project-based, micro-public cloud deployments to designing massive on-premises environments with petabytes of data and thousands of active users, our architects have seen every type of environment and know how to make them work, smoothly and profitably. 

Our design engagements typically span two to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the environment and how many client requirements are known at inception. We will work hand in hand with your team, asking the right questions and bringing all pertinent considerations to the table, ultimately leading you to an optimal eDiscovery design solution.

network architecture

Sample Platform Architecture Diagram

architecture chart
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