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George Jon has successfully designed, migrated, managed, and secured eDiscovery platforms for the past 15 years. This in-depth work has allowed our team of technology consultants and engineers to develop, test and optimize a comprehensive list of proven, eDiscovery-specific best practices to benefit our clients.

In leveraging this real-world experience industry-wide, George Jon has built a prominent consulting presence. Our efforts were initially focused on assessing the architecture and configuration of eDiscovery technology platforms, but have since evolved to include end-to-end operating model optimization, from security best practices to workflow efficiencies, and much more.

Today, all of our consulting engagements start with the construction of a solution framework and comprehensive work plan to clearly define the current state of the client’s systems, identifying gaps and delivering relevant and impactful recommendations for the future. All of our assessments deliver both quantitative and qualitative findings, along with qualified recommendations, and an implementation roadmap for achieving the desired outcome.

Depending on the depth and breadth of the assessment, the start-to-finish timeline will vary from 4 to 12 weeks. Following the completion of a consulting engagement, our team can also drive plan implementation, ensuring that articulated benefits and bottom-line results are met for each and every client. 

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Assessments ROI

Common Topics and Real-World Outcomes

Environment Cost Savings
George Jon assessments assist in driving the viability of your business model and, when executed upon properly, typically result in both immediate and long-term cost savings for both operations and technology, yielding a significant positive return on investment.


GJ consulting can maximize available resources to eliminate unnecessary servers (and wasted expenses).


GJ shuffled VM resources for a client as an assessment output that resulted in annual operational savings of $14K.


GJ reviews licensing accounts to discourage overprovisioning of Microsoft SPLA and eDiscovery Applications.


GJ saved one service provider $81K/year on SPLA licenses and another service provider $147K/year on wasted eDiscovery licenses.


GJ Performance reviews can identify issues such as system misconfigurations and wasted spending on expensive storage for Hyperconvergence.


GJ enabled a service provider to achieve a 50% decrease in time to publish documents with Relativity Processing.

Platform Management

GJ’s monthly managed service fee is typically the same cost as 1-2 FTEs, depending on the environment scale, and 3-4X less than a client’s usual spend.


GJ saved a service provider $265,000 in annual environment management fees as an assessment outcome.

Platform Scaling

Our longstanding relationship with Dell enables our architects to design eDiscovery-specific infrastructure solutions leveraging mid-range hardware as opposed to expensive, bleeding-edge tech that is traditionally cost-ineffective.


GJ Environment Scaling is typically 30%-60% less expensive than attempting to use costly, off-the-shelf solutions.

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