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George Jon is focused on one thing, and one thing only — building the most flexible, performant and trusted discovery, investigation, and governance platforms in the world. We are the ONLY industry provider offering a globally distributed, application-agnostic technology stack that delivers a scalable, multi-application, fully managed platform for every user type. It took 15+ years of trials and tribulations, but our unique solution delivers optimized performance by:

  • Developing, testing and perfecting technology in real-world and lab environments
  • Partnering with industry leaders to incorporate the best technologies
  • Designing and building physical, hybrid, and cloud environments that adhere to our architectural standards
  • Employing the brightest minds and empowering our experts to drive innovation
  • Delivering industry-leading, 24/7 proactive management and support
  • Building proven, time-tested best practices that have been adopted as industry standards
No matter where you are in your journey, we are your trusted partner for driving performance and profits. We’ve seen every issue, solved every problem, and enabled industry leaders to focus on their core business while we manage their mission-critical data environment.
Think of us as the bonding agent that holds together every component and service you need to achieve eDiscovery perfection. As a hybrid of business and technology solutions, we work with clients on everything from platform assessments and system architecture to data migrations, scaling, and managed services. We’ll develop your personalized roadmap for success, procure every element, provide 24/7 proactive management, and ensure top-flight security every step of the way. Our turnkey solutions ensure confident, stress-free decision making and lasting success. 
Years of R&D, testing, planning, and real-world implementations of eDiscovery platforms.

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Think of us as your eDiscovery therapists. Let’s talk.
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