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Let’s face it — successfully managing your discovery, investigation and governance program is complicated. Whether you are a law firm partner, service provider, in-house legal ops manager, IT professional, consultant, or a CEO, understanding how to build and maintain a cost-effective, high-performance, infinitely scalable, and reliably secure data system is a daunting task.

Relax. We have you covered.

George Jon enables scalable, performant and affordable discovery, governance and investigation platforms for users worldwide. Whether your data resides on a GJ Kit or your existing platform, we have a solution for every need.

Imagine your data, safely stored where you want it, performing 24/7/365 in a platform fully managed by the experts at George Jon. We take your highly complicated, mission-critical data and make it easier, less expensive, faster, and better. This drives bottom-line value and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business and make informed decisions while GJ runs the platform.

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Critical eDiscovery Insights from George Jon Experts

2023 George Jon Conference Schedule

August 20-24, 2023
Orlando, Florida

September 27-29, 2023
Chicago, Illinois

eDiscovery platforms and services.

Fifteen years of researching, developing and perfecting best practices. Fifteen years of building and growing relationships with industry innovators and leaders. Our experience informs our services and boosts your bottom line.



GJ’s industry consultants provide comprehensive advisory services to optimize the strategy, technology and operations supporting your mission-critical discovery, investigation and governance platforms.


Our expert engineers are available to execute critical platform projects and initiatives as needed. Whatever your need — migrations, upgrades, installations, expansions — our team is available and ready to help.

360 Management

Our application and infrastructure experts manage platforms 24/7/365, ensuring app performance, proactive maintenance, and workflow optimization. Guaranteed results, best SLAs in the industry.


Auditing and managing platform security is critical for success, but is complicated by the industry’s unique data requirements. We offer InfoSec solutions that harmoniously balance security and performance.

We are passionate about eDiscovery and proud to deliver the only universal technology stack enabling scalable, multi-application, fully managed eDiscovery platforms for users worldwide



Head in the clouds, feet on the ground. Our KaaS is the optimal hybrid discovery, investigation, and governance platform, delivering an infinitely scalable, performant, fully managed system that leverages the best of on-prem and public cloud capabilities, all without CapEx!

Cloud Agnostic Kits

GJ can deploy blocks for every application solution in a cloud-based environment, regardless of the preferred hosting provider (AWS, GCP, Azure). Every layer of the deployment, from storage to SQL to applications, is virtualized in the public cloud, managed by GJ, and done with zero CapEx.

On-Prem Kits

Whether you have an urgent need for a project-based deployment or want a permanent, behind-the-firewall platform, GJ offers a collection of performant Kits for clients/projects of every size and scale, from laptops and emerging market solutions to robust enterprise platforms.

Platform Philosophy

Great solutions are the result of a commitment to fundamental principles, ongoing improvements, and meticulous testing. We mesh 15+ years of proven best practices with a thirst for excellence, continuously  optimizing the performance, security, and cost of our Kits.

Our amazing clients

Whether you are looking to build a new discovery, investigation, or governance platform or are looking to perfect and scale your existing systems, George Jon offers the experience, expertise and resources to help you succeed, both locally and around the globe.

Premium Service Providers


AmLaw 200
Law Firms

Greenburg Traurig
Paul Weiss

Big 4
Consulting Firms


Fortune 500 Businesses

United Healthcare
PNC Bank

Government Agencies

Federal Trade Commission
US Sate Department
Department of the Treasury

Multinational Corporations

Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank

Staged deployments

Clients on six continents

Global distribution network for quick, accurate deployments

A decade of experience in navigating international laws, regulations and customs.

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